Documentary film with Hugh Jackman, Dukale, Deborra Lee Furness, Jeffrey Sachs, Tim Costello, Assefa Tofu, Takele Mammo, Directed by Josh Rothstein, Produced by Jesse Scolaro, Julie Christeas, Schulyler Weiss

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The coffee you drink can change the world


At the heart of the documentary, DUKALE'S DREAM, is Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-lee Furness' journey to better understand how to make an impact on extreme poverty. During a trip to Ethiopia –the birthplace of coffee– they learned about the effectiveness of community development, fair trade, and education in reducing global poverty.


DUKALE'S DREAM seeks to spark a conversation about the ways in which we can all play a part in tackling these important issues. When you host a screening, the film will be accompanied by an informational packet which providesᅠresources to address global poverty in our every day lives. You will also learn about empowerment principles that support dignified and sustainable opportunities for helping those in greatest need.


By screening the film, you are in a unique position to inspire, raise awareness and facilitate change in your community and beyond.ᅠ Dream with Dukale and make the world a better place one cup of coffee at a time.



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Sep 3: Portland Film Fest, OR

Aug 30: Enzian, Orlando

July 14: Cinémonde, NYC

June 27: Charley Creek ArtsFest, IN

June 5-11: AMC Empire, NYC

June 5-11:  AMC Loews Jersey Gardens, NJ

June 5-11:  AMC Hoffman Center, DC

June 5-11:  AMC North Dekalb Mall, ATL

June 5-11: AMC Aventura, MIA

June 4: SVA Theatre, NYC PREMIERE


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A documentary about the inspiration behind Hugh Jackman's fair trade coffee company. After meeting an Ethiopian coffee farmer named Dukale, Hugh realized that something as simple as a cup of coffee could have a profound impact on global poverty.

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